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The hospital receives about 500 foreign in-patients per year. Most are for serious medical conditions. Among the treatments requiring in-patient hospitalization are Acupuncture microsurgery, pain management treatments, illnesses related to diabetes, and diseases such as Cervico-Vertebral Disease, Femur Necrosis, Osteo-arthritis, and Shoulder Peri-Arthritis.

Acupuncture Microsurgery

This microsurgery significantly reduces pain of the sufferers and improves joint movement. The surgery only requires localized anesthesia, leaves only a pin-sized wound and leads to a quick recovery.
After studying all the different techniques and methods and combining with the special Chinese traditional nine-pin technique, Prof. Huang Shu has designed and developed the comprehensive 3- way pressure reduction treatment accompanied by herbal medication treatments.
The acupuncture microsurgery has wide range of applications. Its limitations are only severe diabetes and cerebro-cardio-vascular and hematological diseases. For other diseases, after accurate diagnosis and normal medical check-ups, patients will undergo microsurgery and lead a normal life thereafter. After acupuncture microsurgery, patients should continue after-surgery recovery treatments and exercises.

TCM Natural Therapy

The TCM Natural Therapy integrates the therapeutic effects of herbal extracts with Chinese massage and meridian pressure. The herbal extract as a massaging agent is for external use only on the skin. No oral drugs, injections and surgery are required in the treatment. All herbs are collected from pollution free areas, and the extract is free of man-made chemicals, toxin and 100% safe without side effects.
The special formula of herbal extract contains high-energy, biological active and nutritional ingredients that have the function of identifying pathologic cells and penetrating into focus through skin to repair them, and herbs have the function of promoting blood circulation, breaking-through blocks in prostate gland, eliminating inflammation as well as improving immunity. Massaging and pressing at the special meridian points help combine the therapeutic effects of both herbs and massage and pressure.
TCM Natural Therapy is a proven treatment for diseases of the prostate as well women’s pelvic diseases. The length of remedy varies from suffers to suffers, depending on the seriousness of disease. Some suffers may need one treatment period which is 15-20 treatments, some other suffers may need more than one treatment period to work well on them.
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